At The Cancer Survival Resource Center we help you design your strategy to survive cancer.

We assist you in creating an individual wellness plan and developing a support system.
Together we will explore alternative and established ways to cope that may increase the effectiveness of your cancer treatments.

We provide information on stress reduction and nutritional guidelines, both aimed at enhancing your imnune response.

We focus on relieving anxiety and fear.
Once you take control in these ways, you can seize the opportunity for transformation that cancer presents.


The purpose of the Cancer Survival Resource Center is to help patients overcome the shock of diagnosis, learn how to take charge of their recovery, enhance innate healing resources, and develop a positive life-affirming attitude by:

1.Aiding in the assessment of individual needs

2.Assisting the individual in bring her or his feelings into the open

3. Exploring past and present coping mechanisms

4. Finding and using situational supports

5. Anticipatory planning

6. Furnishing referrals that support implementation of an action plan.

Every aid, exercise, and technique offered by the CSRC aims to move patients out of initially passive, dependant states, instilling in them instead a strong determination to participate actively in healing. This, in turn, helps complement medical care from their oncologists and other health professionals.

The ultimate objective of the CSRC is for patients to feel confident that they can cope and act independently in resolving cancer-related issues that might arise.


Charlotte Louise


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