Charlotte Louise, former actress and fashion model, is a longterm survivor of lung and ovarian cancer. She is the founder and director of The Cancer Survival Workshop and author of the book Cancer Survival Workbook. Charlotte Louise has earned certificates in drama therapy, hypnotherapy, and master neurolinguistic programming. As an advocate for innovative cancer care, she has made many appearances on WNBC-TV News, The McCreary Report, Geraldo, The Barry Farber Show and The Gary Null Show. She also testified at the 1993 congressional hearings, sponsored by Congressperson Susan Molinari, titled "Cancer Treatment: New Directions for the 1990s."

Charlotte Louise was diagnosed with ovarian and oat cell lung cancer in 1980. She was given a total hysterectomy, three chemo sessions, blood transfusions, and a six-month prognosis—despite this treatment. Her chances of recovery were less than one percent. Her first thoughts were about caring for her twelve year old daughter and saving her career as a fashion model/actress. Determined to live, she did.

To enhance her recovery from cancer, Charlotte looked into various alternative and complementary therapies. Today she combines a variety of methods to help cancer patients improve the quality of their lives—from ancient Taoist techniques to modern neuro-linguistic programming.



Charlotte Louise


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