"The Cancer Survivors' Workshop helped me through the difficulties immediately following my diagnosis of breast cancer. Through the program I developed strength and determination to combat this disease. Charlotte Louise is a sensitive, informed leader whose kindness does not stop with the end of the program. Of the many support programs offered, I believe this one deserves the highest score for the ability to help its participants to fight and to hope. It deserves your support."

Carole Supina__

"I participated in the Cancer Survival Workshop at the Open Center in New York City during the Fall of 1991. Charlotte Louise is a thoroughly engaging workshop leader. She is generous and compassionate to all people. In addition, she has compiled valuable knowledge about alternative cancer therapies, nutrition, stress reduction and meditation techniques."

Sybil Young__

"Following my forth major operation from cancer I was indeed fortunate to learn about and attend a series of workshops led by Charlotte Louise. Important skills I learned then continue to be helpful in my daily life. Stress
reduction and learning how to make better use of my time for things that are important and enjoyable to me are just two of several 'lessons' from which I benefit every day. Other techniques were equally good."

"Of special importance is Ms. Louise's extraordinary personal ability to lead a group of cancer survivors, making us all feel special and well. In that regard she is gifted. It is this too that makes her 'lessons' so valuable."

Rona Seider__

"Last winter I attended one of Charlotte Louise's Cancer Survival Workshop and found her creative and imaginative approach very helpful. Her use of creative arts in therapy was very appealing. I enjoyed the sessions and feel that my state of mental, spiritual and physical health was improved thereby."

Eleanor S. Faison__

"On behalf of Cancer Care and everyone who attended your recent presentation, I want to thank you for generously agreeing to speak here at our office. Not only was what you had to say interesting and informative, but your presence and the way you spoke were inspirational to everyone here. I hope all your endeavors to help people with cancer continue to be fruitful, and that you can continue to enjoy what you do, as you certainly seem to. Take care and I hope to work with you again some time in the future. Thank you again for your generous time and effort "

Joan Runfola

"The two days spent with you were extremely informative, needless to say, inspiring. I learned so much practical information as well as being uplifted and leaving with a tremendous sense of positivity. The exercises we did in the class were extremely insightful and put many things in their proper perspective. All the handouts you gave us and the information shared with us is invaluable. I plan to make copies for some friends, co-workers, etc. and make some notes of all I learned. Your knowledge is so vast and knowing your own personal challenges makes it so real. The form in which you present yourself, so caring and compassionate, is really commendable but you also have a keen sense of timing and take control when necessary so all the material gets covered. Charlotte, I have tremendous respect and admiration for you. I plan to take my personal experience and make it a positive one... you are living proof that it can be done. "

Barbara V. Petterson

"I want to thank you for the stimulating and comforting experience I enjoyed as a partecipant in your class at the New York Open Center this past autumn. You are a wealth of information and you know how to communicate it in a non-threatening manner. I especially appreciated the way you handled the diversity of opinions on statistical evidence and alternative treatments vs. conventional therapy. I have enclosed an article that appeared last month's Scientific American which analyzes the facts/statistics regarding the dismal success rate of conventional medical treatments (and the frightening "side" effects) and takes a hard look at the rise in occurrence of many cancers. Please let me know if there is anything I can to do help you in connection with your mission. I feel fortunate to have met you, and the class participants as weel. I wish you an abudance of health and success "

Marcia B. Nelson


Charlotte Louise


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